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Chef Merav Speilman - Creative Culinary Productions for weddings and other events
Chef Merav Spielman - salad

about me

Chef Merav Spielman

A little something about me

Hello to all my guests, and welcome to my catering company website.

I'm pleased to guide you through the site and to share with you some of the aromas of my kitchen, the experiences that created the chef I am today, and the range of events that have been produced by Chef Merav Speilman Catering.

I was born in Jerusalem to a family of Turkish restaurateurs. My family origins lie in the hills of Urfa on the Turkish-Syrian border. Ever since I can remember, home was a place filled with the amazing aromas of the Turkish kitchen around which family life centered. I would peer into pots, trying to guess what would grace our table that day. I listened to market gossip and stories peppered with laughter and excitement. I watched with wonder the daily show of colors and aromas against a backdrop of rising steam. There was always something about the kitchen that seemed to me theatrical, intriguing, and captivating.

On the threshold of adulthood, I went to study theatre and music. But still I felt that the best show in town, and one I didn't want to miss, was the one that happened in the kitchen, and so I turned to culinary studies. I also studied design, because good food deserves a proper setting. I worked for many years as Chef at the American Consulate, and at the British Embassy in Israel, learning to prepare foods to suit the palates of diplomats from around the world. These were professionally significant years during which I was exposed to the culinary secrets of a global array of cultures and peoples.

Today the owner of a catering company, with advanced kitchens and a team of professional sous-chefs, I also employ a production design team of creative designers who work alongside me so that together we can produce the perfect event, down to the last detail. Every event is carefully planned and designed, with food menus and design features coordinated to complement each other in a total creation of taste, color and form.

The company produces events of all kinds – from weddings and bar/bat mitzvas, to cocktail parties and diplomatic receptions, private events to corporate happenings.

The kitchen is a multi-colored mosaic combining Asian influences, a Turkish spirit and a Mediterranean joie de vivre. All comers are welcome to imbibe!

"And the only reason for being honey that I know of, is so that I can eat it!"

Chef Merav Speilman - A culinary history:
1985-1992 - Establishment of a chain of restaurants and catering company in the USA
1992-1996 - Chef at the American Consulate, Jerusalem
1996-2000 - Chef at the British Embassy, Ramat Gan
2000-present - Establishment of a catering company designing and producing weddings and a wide range of events


Chef Merav Speilman. Tel: 04-6392218, Mobile: 0502825959
Email: merav@chef-merav.co.il
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