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Chef Merav Speilman - Creative Culinary Productions for weddings and other events
Chef Merav Spielman - salad

repast of replies

Dear Merav,

We tasted your food and were thrilled. I'm pleased and delighted to thank you for a wonderful event, for your attentive alertness, presence and cooperation, for the excellent flavors, the generous portions, the devastatingly good desserts, and for your composure, calm and confidence that embraced us from the first moment.

It's been a pleasure.

With best regards,
Nava, Shai, and of course, Noa Meshulam

Shalom Merav,

I found in you sensitivity for my needs and a great deal of good will. You instill a feeling of trust, of knowing one can rely on you to do the utmost for the success of the event. Despite my very high expectations, you still managed to pleasantly surprise me. The venue was tastefully prepared with attention to every detail and the food was excellent.

Again, thank you very much and wishing you continued success.

All the best,
Ariela Shaked


You made us a wonderful event.

Happy New Year,
The Leshem Family

Shalom Merav,

We wanted to thank you again for the event. It was absolutely delightful and delicious and people haven't stopped talking about it in the most complimentary terms. (People who understand good food said that the sushi was the best they have ever tasted.)

Thank you,
Noa and Mati Ashrov


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